A FREE, inclusive movement to make our reconnection

to nature and ourselves a regular practice.

Valuing our uniqueness and recognising that everything in nature and ourselves evolves in a unique way.

#naturebeing is a free movement lead by volunteers to make reconnection to nature and ourselves a regular practice.

#naturebeing wanders are inspired by the success and simplicity of parkrun to:

  • make nature reconnection a regular practice for everyone
  • have no barriers, accessible to all
  • build community connections
  • find like minded people
naturebeing wander people

What is a #naturebeing wander?

#naturebeing wanders are free events for people who enjoy spending time in nature to give them renewed energy and positivity.

They last from 90 minutes to 2 hours and involve wandering gently around a park and its natural features such as ponds, wetlands and veteran trees.

The focus will NOT be on hiking but on reconnecting with nature, each other and our own nature.

They are run monthly in different parks in north London.


#naturebeing is nurtured by Earthaconter


Alex talks about the origins of #naturebeing